Frequently Asked Questions

We are concerned about the confidentiality of our concept/design. Can you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Yes, please forward any Non-Disclosure Agreement for our review.

We are interested in you quoting a product that we already purchase from another vendor. Will there be a charge for this quote?

No, if you can provide the exact item for us to examine, the quote is free of charge.

How do you charge for your development & prototyping?

We charge an hourly rate of $80.00. We do not commence with charges until we have spoken with you and looked at your product to determine if it is possible to manufacture. We will give you an estimate on the amount of time we think it will take to make your prototype. This time can include materials & subcomponents research, job planning, drawing, pattern making, cutting, sewing and assembly.

Do you supply all the raw materials required to make our product?

We are very flexible with the procurement of raw materials for your product. Through our network of suppliers, we can source just about any material at a cost effective price. On the other hand, if a customer would like to supply the materials to us, we’re happy to accommodate them. For unique hardware or other hard-to-find items, we’ll work with you to determine the best procurement strategy.

What are your company’s minimums for a project?

We do not have a set number for minimums. However, small production runs of an item will be more costly than a larger runs due to the efficiencies involved. We have many clients who will give us large non-cancelable purchase orders with different release dates to take advantage of volume pricing.

What type of Quality inspection system can we expect?

We have very high quality standards in our receiving, cutting, sewing & packing departments. Here at Souhrada MFG parts goes through a 4 time quality check. It first starts with our receiving department. They thoroughly check your materials for quantity, quality before signing of on the Bill Of Lading. From there our cutting department will quality check all your materials for defects/blemishes. Next our sewing machine operators make sure they have followed through with the quality requirements before beginning the next part. The last quality check is done by the inspection department as they package your parts for shipment.

What are your turnaround times? How soon can I get finished product?

These can vary based on season and present work load. We do our very best to stick with three to four week turn around on projects and prototypes. This turn around depends on the receipt of all raw materials needed to produce, a purchase order in hand as well as quantities involved.

How are orders packaged?

All orders are packaged in bulk, unless otherwise requested. Special packaging requirements will be included in the price quote delivered to you.

What are your payment terms?

We request credit references from all new customers and preform a credit check before work is begun on their first order. We often require a down payment of 50% on the first order, to cover the cost of materials purchased and job setup. Upon shipment of the order, we will mail an invoice with terms Net 30 days.

Do you offer payment discounts?

Yes, we offer 1% net 10 discounts when cash or check is used.

Does your company offer embroidery or silkscreen printing?

We sure can. We have many clients that require one of the above processes on their product. We do not do it in house; however we have a long standing relationship with vendors who do screen printing and embroidery.

What shipping options do we have?

We traditionally use UPS for smaller items and LTL trucking companies for larger shipments. We have discounted rates with some companies and we always ship the least expensive way. However, if your company would like your products shipped a certain way we will review your shipping directions and standards.

Does your company have material testing capabilities?

We do not offer Tensile or FMVSS302 testing however we have a preferred vendor for this option.

Will you license or market my product for sale?

No, we are experts in custom manufacturing and always continue our focus on being the best production source for our customers.

Does your company do order fulfilment?

Yes, we can offer this service for a nominal price to make logistics even easier.

Do you offer warehousing?

Yes, for a nominal fee.

Are all the sewn products from Souhrada Manufacturing, Inc. Made in The U.S.A.?

Yes! All of our sewing is done here in Tyndall, South Dakota. We also do our very best to purchase all our raw material from U.S manufactures.